Digital Rights Management

 When you download an image, you're not buying the file itself - you're buying a license that lets you use the content in your projects. When applicable please give me, the photographer credit - Photo by: Gary St. Martin

*You cannot display the image in digital format at high resolution (greater than 72dpi)
You cannot give other users access to download or copy the image as is – if you use the image in a website or other digital use, you must ensure third parties cannot “right-click” download nor copy the original image in any way.

*Cannot use the image, or any part of the image, as part of a trademark, service mark, logo, etc. – as RM license does not transfer you the ownership of the image, you cannot use them in trademarked content or logos, because you cannot register copyrighted images as your property.

*Photos with models cannot be used in a way that depicts them as endorsing a product or business, or in a way that may be considered offensive, without prior model consent – sensitive uses include but are not limited to pornographic or adult-related concepts, illegal activities, political propaganda, etc.

*Cannot be used for illegal, malicious, pornographic, or defamatory purposes.
When used for Editorial purposes, the RM stock supplier and artist/photographer must be credited.

Welcome to my new, and first on-line artistic exhibition.

I've been a working Professional Videographer and Photographer for the past 50 years. I studied Photography at Orange Coast College and then later San Francisco State. As a photographer I've always looked at photography as an art.

Household Art was an experiment with one light, casting a shadow off to the right. This idea came about one late afternoon sitting at the Hotel Del Coronado, at they're outside café. There was a fork sitting in front of me and the sun was setting, and it cast a shadow that was awesome looking. That's where this idea initially came from. I went into my studio and set up one light casting the one shadow off to the right. Hence household items as art was created.

The Analog Section is my early photography from 1969 - 2000. Mostly shot with a Hasselblad  2 1/4 camera, square photography. During the years 1969 to 1982, I primarily shot Black and White film. All of the photographs, during this era, were shot and processed using professional archival standards.

The Digital Section, is developed with the new Digital Standard of cameras. Processed on computers, Lightroom, and Photoshop. The Digital section from 2000 through today and into the future…