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Martini Greyscale

Martini Greyscale

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There are 3 styles to this piece.
This is an exclusive opportunity to customize your 
"Martini Greyscale" piece with your own words.

1) Original- No Phrase

2) With Text- Phrase as Pictured

3) Custom- Your Own Custom Phrase

   *For Custom Option Click Here: CUSTOM PHRASE

Creative household Art Photo’s for your living space… 
Photographed, printed, matted, gloss finished and signed by Gary St. Martin.

8 x 10 photo - 11 x 14 mat

11 x 14 photo -  20 x 16 mat

16 x 20 photo - 24 x 20 mat

Household Items as Art. A photography decor
solution for the entire house. The Kitchen,
Bathroom, Front-room, Bedroom, and Hallway’s.

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